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Joint Care Tablets for Joints Pain, Arthritis, Frozen Shoulder, Sleepdisk, Back Pain

Now get rid of Joint Pain, Arthritis, Back Pain and Spinal Cord Gap, Frozen Shoulders etc.

Advika Health Care is providing Joint care Tablets to get rid from all joints pain. Many peoples are suffering from improper diet, cholesterol, bones diseases, back pain due to improper road structure.

Many peoples are spending money on various operations regarding Joints, Spines and bones surgery, so our Joint care tablets are most effective, it can avoid operations too.

Our Joints Care Tablets includes,

Glucosamine, Miracle Supplement, Boswellia Ferrate, Collagen Peptide, Vitamin D3, Shilajit, Ashwagandha and Citrus Bioflavonoids etc.

  Benefits Create ligament in joints.
    Relife from Arthritis, Frozen Shoulder.
    Mobilized Joints.
    Beneficial in Sleep Disk.
    Spinal Cords and Bones Strengthening.
    Relief from Joint Inflammation and swelling.
    Relife from Joints, Spinal tightness muscle.
  Direction for Use 1-1 capsule after breakfast [ Morning ]and Dinner [ night ].
  M.R.P. Rs. 999 for 30 Capsules
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Cal-M Tablets

Many peoples are suffering from calcium deficiency because of improper diet, junk food, fatty food etc. People who don't take proper diet, smoke, drink soda or alcohol gets less calcium. When calcium from bones is begin to decrease, people gradually lose bone density.

Today's diet don't provide nutrients to build bones upto that potential. They are at greater risk of fractures & development of teeth disease. 

Calcium is important for building and keeping strong teeth and bones. Cal-M Tablet is formed by Calcium citrate Malate, Magnesium Hydroxide, Vitamin D3, Zinc Sulphate and other ingredients which increase calcium in your body.

Important elements in formation of Cal-M Tablets are oxygen, calcium and hormonally active metabolite of vitamin D. This tablet is used as dietary calcium supplement. It increases the level of calcium in the blood. It is used as phosphate binder for treatment of hyperphosphatemia & treatment of osteoporosis..

  Benefits Reduce Calcium Deficiency.  
    Helps to increase level of calcium in the blood.  
    Helps to treat weak bones.  
    Given Strength to Bones, Joints.  
    Helpful in bone loss and osteoporosis.  
    Maintain Vitamin D in blood.  
    Reduce chance of joints pain, back pain, osteoporosis etc.  
  Direction for Use 1-0-1 Tablet - before 30 minutes of Breakfast and dinner.  
  Instruction Do not go to sleep immediately after tablets taken, can go to sleep after 1/2 hr.  
    Do not use for Childern below 15 yrs.  
  M.R.P. Rs. 949 for 60 Tablets  
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Advika Health is providing wide range of herbal medicines for almost disease. Also we do providing Herbal Suppliments to maintain your health. Herbal Medicines contains Multiple Vitamins, Proteins, Minerals etc.

Likewise Health Care, we do provide Herbal Medicines for various disease like Joints Pain, Heart related issues, Piles, Low Heomoglobin, Constipation, Neuro related issues, Dental Problems and various health issues.

our medicines are very result oriented and its GMP Certified, researched by well know scientists.
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