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  Rakta Shodhak Syrup for Blood Purification, Strengthen the Liver, Low Hemoglobin

Rakta Shodhak Syrup is herbal blood purifier to mentain the blood flow in liver and in body. It strengthen the Liver to perform proper detoxification process.

Rakta Shodhak Syrup is anti-allergic, anti-baterial and anti-inflammatory. which purifys your blood to solve the skin problems.

It also improves your body's immune system to fight against skin problems and mentain natural skin glow.

It nourishes your skin from the inner level to give you a significant and effective result. 

Benefits Helps Blood Purification.  
  Anti-allergic, Anti-bacterial and Anti-Inflammatory.  
  Strengthen the Liver.  
  Helps in removing Eczema.  
  Perform proper detoxification.  
  Improves body's immune system.  
  Helps to fight against skin problems.  
Direction for Use 2 tablespoon - 2 times in a Day.  
M.R.P. Rs. 225 for 200 ml.  
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